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What happened to the tumor, tissue, blood, or other biosamples you donated?

By Amelia Hood

This morning, we extended an invitation to our project, and we are blown away by the response! We are so excited to have hundreds of you join us on this journey, and we’re working hard to get you on to the app so you can learn about your samples.
Who are you people?
We’re researchers at UPMC and Johns Hopkins who believe that you have a right to know about what happens to biosamples that you’ve donated for research. We’ve built an app to give you that information, and we’d like to share it with you! You can learn more about our team here.
Why was I invited?
If you got the invitation by email thanking you for your donation, we believe it’s because at some point in the past, you signed a form to agree to donate samples to UPMC’s Breast Disease Research Repository. You may have signed this form during a doctor’s appointment, before a surgery, or after a surgery. You may not remember signing it! That’s okay! We get it—you’ve probably signed a lot of forms, and it’s especially hard to keep track of these things if you’re sick.
Part of our process for this research project includes confirming whether you have actually signed this form. After you give us your information, you don’t have to do anything, we’ll check for you and let you know.
I’ve signed up. What happens next?
First, we’re excited to have you on board! Once you’ve completed the consent form (linked in the invitation), we will verify your eligibility. If you’re eligible, then we will invite you to join the app where you can learn about biosamples that you may have donated for research.
If you’re not eligible yet, that’s okay—we will put you on our waitlist. We are working to add more biobanks to the app, and you may have samples there! We’ll keep you updated on our progress.
If you more questions, please reach out to us via email, or you can attend our live Q&A session on February 22 nd at 2:00 pm on Zoom. Register here.

Feb 16, 2023


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