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Decentralized Biobanking "de-bi": An App for Patient Feedback from Biobank Research Donation

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University of Pittsburgh; IRB #: 22020035; Principal Investigator: Mylynda Massart

One or more of the investigators conducting this research has a financial interest in de-bi, co. (formerly Heny, Inc). This means it is possible that results of this study could lead to personal profit for the individual investigator(s) and/or the University of Pittsburgh. Any questions you might have about this will be answered fully by the Human Subject Protection Advocate of the University of Pittsburgh at (866) 212-2668, or by the Principal Investigator, Mylynda Massart, MD, PhD; email:; who has no financial conflict of interest with this research. Your doctor may be involved as an investigator in this research study.

Before agreeing to participate, or at any time during your study participation, you may discuss your care with another doctor who is not associated with this research study. You are not obligated to be a part of any research study offered by your doctor. At some point, your identifiers might be removed from the private information. This de-identified information may be used by other researchers for future research studies. If this happens, we will not contact you for additional consent. Your data used in this research study may contribute to a new discovery or treatment. In some instances, these discoveries or treatments may be of commercial value and may be sold, patented, or licensed by the investigators and the University of Pittsburgh for use in other research or the development of new products. You will not retain any property rights, nor will you share in any money that the investigators, the University of Pittsburgh, or their agents may realize.

Per University of Pittsburgh policy, all research records must be maintained for at least seven years following final report or publication of a project. You can withdraw from this research study at any time. Any identifiable research information obtained as part of this study prior to the date that you withdrew your consent will continue to be used by the investigators for the purposes described above. If you want to withdraw, notify the study team. Your decision to withdraw will have no effect on your current or future relationship with the University of Pittsburgh or the hospitals of UPMC. Withdrawal from this study will not not impact your participation in the Breast Disease Research Repository (BDRR).

How can you contact us about this study?

If you have any questions or concerns about this disclosure or this study, please contact us.

Mylynda Massart, MD, PhD

Human Subject Protection Advocate of the University of Pittsburgh
(866) 212-2668


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