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We reconnect you with your donated biosamples,

Because nobody deserves to know, more than you.

When de-identified tissue is used for research, patients have no way to learn about or benefit from those findings. Our technologies empower patients to remain connected to all past and future research on their biosamples.

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"Research with patients, not on patients"
de-bi (short for “decentralized biobank) is an app that connects patients to biosamples that they may have donated for research. If you’ve signed up to participate, you will soon receive an invitation to download the app. There may be a delay between you signing up and you receiving your invitation– we appreciate your patience!
Once you’ve received your invitation to download the app, you can watch these videos to help you download the app onto your phone and take a tour of the different features.
We’ll also host a live demo and Q&A session for those who are interested in signing up. This will be on Zoom at this link on Friday, March 24th, at 12:00 Eastern. We hope to see you there!
As always, if you need one-on-one assistance or want to give the team any feedback, you can contact us here.


From consent to consensus, and how we get there

Consent used to be a one-time thing, like "accepting the cookies" for research. We re-envision participation as an on-going membership in a community that continue to engage over time.

  • Explore

    See & Learn about the bio-bank's collection of samples that are stored and used for research.

    Like a regular bank, biobanks collect and store valuable assets, such as tissues and blood for future use in research. This is the Breast Disease Research Biobank at the University of Pittsburgh which includes about 10,000 patients and 60,000 samples. Universities have many biobanks, this is just one of over 200 biobanks at Pitt.

  • Biowallet

    Find & Track your own biosamples!

    Pilot study members who are eligible based on their membership in participating biobanks will receive their very own biowallet token, which will grant you access to your biowallet.The biowallet is where you will be able to see any of your samples and signed consents that we find in participating biobanks.

  • Connect

    Find others with similar conditions or research interests

    Follow Principal Investigators (researchers) to explore specific protocols that they're working on. In the future, we will invite researchers to share their updates with members of their labs (patients whose donated samples are being used in their studies).


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