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What happened to the tumor, tissue, blood, or other biosamples you donated?
Amelia Hood - Feb 16, 2023

This morning, we extended an invitation to our project, and we are blown away by the response! We are so excited to have hundreds of you join us on this journey, and we’re working hard to get you on to the app so you can learn about your samples.

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Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

What role does justice play in biomedical research?

Amelia Hood - January 27, 2023

We can think of many examples of injustice in the history of biomedical research—the Tuskegee syphilis study, for example—where people were mistreated and harmed in the name of science. In Tuskegee, scientists were studying people...

Time Toxicity: A personal reflection on cancer diagnosis

Roberto C. Bellido - January 11, 2023

During the last week of summer, I got invited by my colleagues to give a short speech about sharing our work on the development of a network platform to share removed tissue from operating rooms for the good of science. After the event...

“Is there anyone else out there like me?”

Amelia Hood & Ramona N. - December 25, 2022

We didn’t know her yet, but we knew she was someone who understood what we’re trying to do. We could tell she was already informed on this topic, and we hoped that we would get the chance to talk to her...

"To me, it's all about knowledge"

William Sanchez & Liz B. - Dec 12, 2022

October was an exciting time for heny. We've been building for several months and had finally launched the beta version of our patient-focused mobile app, de-bi. Of course we had to celebrate, so we threw an exclusive app download party with one of our favorite patient communities, 412 Thrive...

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Here’s what we’ve been up to recently.

“Compared to the system that allowed Lacks’s cells to be used without her permission," Shapiro said, “blockchain technology using nonfungible tokens that allow patients to follow their samples may enhance transparency, accountability and respect for persons who contribute their tissue and clinical data for research.”


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